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Home Education

Your customised learning experience 

Our home education support provides parents with a unique set of resources.

Guiding you through the unchartered pathway of home learning with: 

  • Structured lesson plans

  • Home teaching

  • Upcoming exam support 

Online Class

Discovery based 

Develop practical and emotional skills from the comfort of your own home

Curiosity led learning techniques

Customised learning to suit you and your child's needs

Doing Homework


Online Class





Maths, English, Science

Literacy devices

Biology: Photosynthesis


Maths, English


Analysis of language features in texts



Physics: Electromagnetic spectrum 



Maths, English, Science

Continuing comparison of texts and 

writing essay response

Covalent, ionic and metallic bonding


Day off!

Week in the life

Each year more parents are choosing to educate their children at home, providing them with a unique and comprehensive learning experience that they feel is not accessible in schools.

We know that learning is not a one size fits all, which is why a variety of learning methods should be accessible to everyone. Home education provides a dynamic, curiosity-based environment which is uniquely designed to help your child excel. 

To the left you'll find a typical week in the life for Harry, one of our home education students. Harry is currently in Year 10 and developing his interest in a range of academic subjects.

Our Process

With You Every Step of the Way

Art Class

Assisting you through the complexities of home teaching

Engaging lessons

Our education experts provide students with tried and true learning methods used to create a fun and dynamic environment.

Developing personal interests

Our home education sessions are developed with interests in mind so our students can develop skills whilst following learning curiosities. 

Available in-person or online

Depending upon your preference, our tutors are able to support you at home or via zoom. 

Common FAQ's

  • How much does it cost per week?
    Home education costs are dependent upon your year group, subject levels and abilities. To find out what level your child is working at you can book an academic assessment.
  • Can I pay with childcare vouchers?
    Sadly not, childcare vouchers are purely for child care.
  • Can my child study the same subjects as they would in school?
    Our home support begins with a specialist assessment allowing student, parent and tutor to discuss long-term academic goals. Depending on these goals, we will take into consideration your required exam boards, interests and goals. A home based education may present some limitations for pursuing the creative arts subjects, however studying them is not impossible. Our free discovery calls provide you with the opportunity to discuss all subject opportunities with a tutor, helping you decide if home education is the best fit.
  • What's the process?
    Discovery Call If you are interested in our home education support you can book in a free discovery call with one of our education experts. We'll discuss your specific needs, goals and how our tuition support can benefit you. 2. Specialist assessment We begin your journey with an academic assessment to outline the academic abilities of each student. Following the assessment we provide a full report of strengths, weaknesses and abilities, allowing us to create a guided process towards achieving your goals. 3. Lesson plan Your child is unique and so is their learning journey which is why we tailor each schedule by the student's unique interests and abilities. ​ Depending on your child's level and abilities, each week contains between 2 to 4 sessions, combining fun extra - curricular activities to create an enjoyable learning environment.
  • Do tutors come to us or do we go to them?
    If you have booked a face to face tutor then the tutor will come to you unless otherwise specified in our correspondence.
  • Is it online tuition only?
    No, we do offer face to face but after the pandemic so many people have remained online as it allows them to support more students and also deliver a varied lesson for the students with resources on hand.
  • When should I book my tutor?
    It’s never too early! Our busiest period of demand fluctuates throughout the year, we have many people booking in May for a September start for GCSE and A level students and for 11+ tuition usually the January to start in the September. Always drop us an email though as we are constantly taking on new tutors to support growing demand!

Offering a helping hand.

Our tutors have been providing home education support for the past 10 years, offering a helping hand with the adjustment from school environments to home. 

Operating under a different structure, home education requires flexibility that suits both students and parents so that students can enjoy an environment best suited to their own pace. 

ABC education are a helping hand as you adjust to your temporary or long-term home education environments. 


We are incredibly proud to announce that we have won the 2022 award for: 

The Best Female - Founded Tuition Company in the UK!

Online Learning

The easiest way to fit tuition into your schedule. 

Online learning is the virtual method that our parents are loving. 


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For any tuition enquiries please complete our 'book a tutor' form. 

Once submitted we'll contact you directly. 

Introducing The ABC of Education 

The podcast for every parent or carer who wants to be in the know about everything education.


Every episode we delve into teaching, hot educational topics and even inspiring careers. If it’s got something to do with education, we’re probably talking about it.

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