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The clock is ticking... are your exams coming up?

There is nothing quite like exams to get the heart racing ..

Suddenly all students can think about is their dreaded exam timetable and the chapters they're yet to learn!

"10 weeks left to study, 8 weeks left to practise exam techniques and not enough weeks left to know what I'm talking about!"

During exam season, time seems to fly by! Which is why preparation is key...

There is nothing worse than feeling unprepared and as if you're running out of time.

Each year, we witness parents feeling flustered with only 4 weeks until their child's exams. It's a time when both parent and child are feeling the stress more than ever!

As much as we would love to help parents in this position, we find it is often too late...

Exam season does one thing very well... it highlights how learning is a journey that looks a lot like this....

When you book a tutor in advance, we're able to transform your child's attitude towards learning. Time gives us the chance to focus on the techniques that deliver the best possible results. Including:

As any tutor knows, progress cannot be achieved without having clearly defined goals set out by student, parent and tutor. Investing in a tutor is of course an investment which is why it requires time for you to get the most out of your sessions.

With enough time our tutors have witnessed some incredible success stories which we thought we'd share with you now...

We have abbreviated student names to keep their privacy

  • Before D's sessions she felt overwhelmed, confused and lost. As exams were approaching, D's parents knew she needed some extra guidance that her school wasn't able to provide.

  • With 6 months to adjust her learning methods, confidence and grades, both tutor and D created a detailed pathway to success.

  • Each week consisted of goal-focused learning and confidence building. In just a short timeframe of 6 weeks, D's parents began to notice a massive change to her classroom behaviour. Her interaction progressed from this....

To this....

We find that confidence is the foundational blueprint for exam success.

When students feel secure, their learning blossoms which is when we can begin to practise necessary exam techniques.

It is only when confidence is set that exams can be tackled!

So, what advice can we give you?

Preparation is key! If you have exams coming up in the next 4 - 8 months. we would suggest looking into support now.

All learning journeys are different but one thing we've witnessed throughout the years is that they are in fact journeys...

Our education experts are happy to chat through your needs with a free consultation. Simply complete the 'book your tutor' form on our website and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.

Not quite ready for a tutor but need a little guidance?

Have you listened to our podcast? With new episodes every 2 weeks, it's the podcast that every student, parent and tutor needs in their life. Each episode our education experts discuss hot educational topics, inviting industry experts to share their wisdom and advice.

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