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Myth or Fact..

Myth or Fact?

As tutors, we receive a lot of questions about tuition and whether it's something students need. We know picking a tutor can be a big decision which is why we're here to de-bunk the queries and bust the myths!

We thought we'd play a fun game of MYTH or FACT. Are you ready to find out the tuition truths?!

Starting with the most common statement we hear!

Tuition is a luxury not a necessity...

As parents ourselves, we make it our priority to be smart and savvy spenders. In this day and age, you have to be! Which is why we completely understand the belief that tuition is an added luxury to education. After all, tuition sessions are lessons which get taught outside of school hours.

Let us begin to debunk the first myth of the blog.....

We may think that school lessons are enough but the need for additional teachings has no longer become a luxury but a necessity.

As tutors with 10+ years in the education sector, we have noticed a clear theme in student learning....

Students are no longer using tutors to extend their knowledge but instead are using tutors to learn the basic curriculum which school is intended for.

As hard as teachers work (which is VERY hard!), they are up against a large battle of growing class sizes and not enough funding. Ultimately resulting in a need for additional teachings, which is where we step in to save the day.

"Okay okay... it's no longer a luxury but it's still very expensive...."

We hear you loud and clear and to be honest, we don't blame you in thinking this way. We're all holding our wallets a little closer to our pockets.

But the one motto we live by is making tuition affordable for all.

As founders, the one belief that's been at the forefront of our teachings is that every student should receive the same amount of support. Which is why we're very excited to promote our trainee tutor programme of highly skilled education experts.

But who are these trainee tutors and why are they cheaper?

Our trainee tutors are passionate, skilled individuals with at least 1 year of experience studying as an undergraduate, postgraduate or post-doctoral student.

Their enthusiasm to help others stems from the love of their subject. As students themselves ,they often provide valuable insight that many of their students benefit from.

Let us introduce you to one of our trainee tutors..

Hello! My name is Kate; trainee tutor for ABC Education.

I specialise in English literature and English Language for GCSE students.

I have been studying English literature for the past 6 years and am currently in my final year of my English BA (Hons) as a mature student.

Hi Kate, thanks for joining us.

I'd love to chat to you a bit more to introduce you to parents who are interested in our trainee tutor programme.

Can you tell us a little bit about your lesson structure and how your skills help students develop?


English literature has always been a passion of mine.

My approach for tutoring is that it should be fun and focused.

My job is to enthuse you in the subject of English! My top priority is to make lessons as interactive and enjoyable as possible.

I completely agree - lessons should be as interactive as possible.

How do you think your role as a trainee tutor benefits students?

I am currently studying English at undergraduate level which means I understand the learning journey that students are experiencing.

I have a wealth of expertise in analysing text, writing techniques, essay techniques and exams.

I believe students really benefit from the insight I can provide!

Want to hear more about Kate's role as a trainee tutor? Give this a watch.

In addition to helping our parents save a little extra, trainee tutors offer all their lessons online. Meaning your child can study from the comfort of their bedroom, fitting in lessons around their busy schedules.

We understand that a budget may be on your mind, which is why we'd like to share our trainee tutor pricing structure with you. They offer you up to 50% saving on lessons! (That's a deal that's too good to resist!)

To enquire about our trainee tutors you can follow the button below....

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