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School Bag Essentials - How you can prepare for the new school year!

As September approaches, a new school year is about to start, calling for new supplies!

We share some practical tips on how to feel prepared for the start of term. If you need to grab some new supplies or stock up on school essentials, we've got you covered.

The Basics

Make sure you start the year on the right foot with all the basics. A durable and fashionable backpack is the foundation for the entire year, so you won’t want to skimp on this one. When looking for a school bag, make sure it’s comfortable, durable, and kid-approved.

The Fjallraven Classic Backpack is a popular choice for kids and teens, featuring lots of colour options as well as functional features like zipper pockets, a two-way zipper with rain flaps, and a dirt-resistant, water-resistant exterior.

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Classroom Essentials

When planning for your child’s school bag contents, consider the essentials, including food, tech items, paper, and pens. The amount of tech gear your child needs depends on their age and school, with older kids and teens tending to have more need for electronic devices. Although tech can be a hefty investment, it can offer some great benefits to learning - helping to build on handy digital skills.


Stay organised with colourful plastic wallets:

Geometry sets for maths class:

Lunchtime Prep

Don’t forget a lunchbox in your list of essential back-to-school items. The Sistema Bento Box TO GO lunchbox is one of the top-rated items on Amazon and offers a versatile and functional design with a stylish arrangement of options of colours and patterns.

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When you prepare for the new school year, first make sure you have the large essential items like a backpack, any required electronics, and a lunchbox. Then you can accessorise. And of course, make sure all items are kid-approved so they get plenty of use. Now the only thing left is to have a great school year!

Allicia and Claire x

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