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The blueprint to exam success.....

Exams may be 4 + months away but there is no better time than now to begin those preparations.

If you are wondering when you should book a tutor, why not check out our previous blog post.

Each year we help hundreds of students prepare for their pending exams.

From essay structure to content, our tutors work closely with tutees to develop confidence and exam technique.

Every ABC Education tutor specialises in exam technique, preparing students for GCSEs, A-Levels, SATS or university interviews.

During these exam preparations we witness the same common mistakes...

To help your child prepare for those busy months ahead we've outlined the common 10 mistakes that we see.... Creating your very own blueprint for a successful exam season:

10 common exam preparation mistakes

1. Not knowing the grades you're aiming for

2. Relying on classroom hours

3. Not beginning early enough

4. Studying in chronological order, rather than priority!

5. Using the wrong revision method

6. Not testing themselves on material - relying on tuition and classroom sessions

7. No strategy = no direction

8. Memorising rather than understanding

9. Not practicing past exam papers

10. Multi-tasking - revising more than one subject in a day

As the exam months are fast approaching, it's important to begin introducing some of these strategies into your child's everyday learning routine.

The sooner they familiarise themselves with exam techniques, the easier exam season will be for them.

If you are looking for a tutor to help familiarise your child with the above techniques, we are ready and waiting to match them with their perfect tutor.

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